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Gastrology blog review - (24/10/2015)

Sunday, 27 September 2015

Nuggetty Creek Olive Oil

At Nuggetty Creek Olives their passion is to produce the best tasting extra virgin olive oil experience.

To achieve this they harvest early, press the olives within hours, working through the night to process what they strive to be the freshest, best tasting extra virgin olive oil available.
We absolutely adored Nuggetty Creek oil. Boasting a fresh taste of extra virgin olive oil we loved both the aroma and the luxurious texture. 
All their oils are tested to ensure true extra virgin oil at the Department of Primary Industry NSW, the only  IOC (International Oil Council) approved Laboratory in Australia.
No poison is used in the olive grove ensuring pure extra virgin olive oil.
Find out more about Nuggetty Creek Olive Oil here.
Gastrology bloggers sampled the product courtesy of Nuggetty Creek Olive Oil.