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Nuggetty Creek Olives Farm - (8/10/2009)

Picture of the olives forming on the trees just prior to harvest for the 2009 season, you will note that the olives are very green, but this is where we find that we are able to have wonderful flavour attached to our olive oil, the picture that you can see is of the frantoio tree. These olives will be harvested just as they start to have a little bit of purple colour on each olive.

This is a picture taken from a balloon from our frantoio grove and in the foreground is our small dam, which is basically used for the watering of the eight horses that roam the olive grove.

The 2009 harvest of where we harvested 22 tonnes of olives from our trees. This is a picture of our hand held battery operated harvesters, knocking the olives from the tree onto the catching net. The harvest is currently conducted over a approximately 6 to 10 days, where we have between 10 and 15 people working with the hand held harvesters to dislodge the fruit from the trees, we also have a team of people who move the net from tree to tree, we currently are operating 6 nets. The fruit falls into the bins at the bottom of the net and is transferred direct to the production shed on the property so it can be crushed and made into extra virgin olive oil.

This is a picture of one of the eight horses which live in the olive grove as well as keeping the grasses down for most of the year except Spring where the horses cant keep up with eating the grass, its also a wonderful sight to be in the olive grove and have the horses following you through the grove, enjoying your company.

This is the front gate at the Nuggetty Creek Olives grove, we are always happy to meet with visitors a our farm by appointment to view our olive grove and have a chat about extra virgin olive oil. We look forward to seeing you here one day.

This is another picture from the balloon from some of our barnea trees, in the picture you can see approximately three and a half thousand Barnea trees. These pictures were taken approximately 3 years ago and the trees have certainly grown since this time.

We look forward to taking more overhead shots from the balloon in the near future, so as you will be able to view the growth in the trees.

We are pleased to advise that our olive oil has won another silver medal in the Sydney Royal Fine Food Show, this means that our oil has collected three silver medals for the 2009 harvest year.