Olive Oil Facts - (8/10/2009)

How to keep your oil fresh

Exposure to light and heat reduces the extra virgin olive oil's flavour, we advise, for the best taste and health properties, you consume your oil within four months of opening the bottle.

However, oil in both and open and unopen bottles will last much longer if you store it in a cool dry place and out of direct sunlight, our Nuggetty Creek Olive Oil kept under the right conditions still taste fresh and full of flavour upto two years.

How to tell if the extra virgin olive oil is good oil

The international judging standards demand extra virgin olive oil is properly tested in a laboratory for many factors including its extra virgin status. At Nuggetty Creek Olives all the oil that we sell to you has been tested to ensure extra virgin olive oil status. On all the Extra Virgin Olive Oil that Nuggetty Creek Olives sells, the details of the test are advised on every bottle including the time it was harvested and pressed on the farm.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil falls into three styles, being delicate, medium and robust, and the colour of Extra Virgin Olive Oil can vary from green to a straw colour, to describe the three styles of olive oil, are best described in this fashion;

* Delicate - The overall combined level of bitterness and pungency must be the least prevalent characteristic of the oil and free from faults.

* Medium - A moderate or medium level of fruitiness with a balance of moderate bitterness and pungency and free from faults or defects.

* Robust - High level of fruitiness, with a high combined level of bitterness and pungency.