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Winter Harvest Complete - (4/08/2010)

Winter Harvest

Winter is always a very busy time in the grove at Nuggetty Creek Olives. The trees have all been harvested and a fresh lot of oil has been crushed and processed and is now settling waiting to be ready for sale.


Since the begginning of June, pruning has been taking place, with the harsh pruning of the tree to allow for vigorous new growth to occur in the following months of Spring.

This means plenty of fruit for the following seasons and ensures the trees remain disease free.


Fertilising takes place with organic compost and fertilisers and mulching is placed around each tree to ensure water retention in the soil is maximized.


More plantings are being done with pollinator trees to ensure maximum yield on each tree.


We have had the best rainfall at Nuggetty Creek for the last 4 years and we are expecting some beautiful produce as a result.


Infused Oils

Nuggetty Creek will be introducing a range of infused oils for our customers in the next month.